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Rocky Shore
Freshwater Stream
Terrestrial Habitat
Arthropod Diversity Survey
Habitats Study
Chi Ma Wan Biodiversity Survey
Plankton Investigation
Lichen Ecology
Sandy Shore
Urban Habitat


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Course Schedule & Topic Description
1 Day Course
2 Day Course
3 Day Course
4 Day Course
5 Day Course
Topic Summary
Course note
Agricultural System in Mui Wo
Changing Industrial Location - Wong Chuk Hang
Drifting Classroom
Dynamic Earth : From Theory to Practice of Geoconservation
Exploring the Coastal Environment in Cheung Chau
Exploring Urban Environment
GIS Manual for Exploring Urban Environment
Managing River and Stream Quality
Physical Environment of Cheung Chau
Studies of Island Weather
Sustainable Development in Cheung Chau
Sustainable City Study (for 2 days course only)
Traffic and Pedestrian Flow
Woodland Ecosystem Discovery

Life-wide and field-based Learning

Dijiao Festival - Enquiry Learning by Field Work
Research Method
Food Globalization
Sustainable development - Heritage conversation